Hello, my name is Su!

I’m in my senior year of Honours Economics at McGill University and am currently figuring out my next steps in life. I am looking for opportunities in academia (information science, STS), data science/economics (health economics), or responsible/explainable AI after graduation.

Through my undergrad program (Honours Econ major + Statistics minor + Computer Science minor), I’ve gained a pretty comfortable quantitative skillbase. I’m interested in using these skills to answer human-centered questions. An academic research interest I have concerns the social effects of algorithmic decision-making systems and want to work on making these systems equitable for everyone. My Research page covers some work I’ve done.

I like curating cool tidbits of information. My dossier contains my favorite articles and podcasts. I keep interesting academic papers on my Zotero.

My last name Goh is pronounced exactly how it looks: “go”. My pronouns are she/her.