My background is in economics, but I enjoy letting my curiosity lead me to new disciplinary frontiers. To this end, I’ve done interdisciplinary work in sociology, information science, and urban studies. I want to study how governance and technology come together. Topics interesting to me include: algorithmic bias in ‘smart’ governance, digital platforms as public space, open data, and surveillance.

Academic Publications

Google Scholar

  • French, Martin, Adrian Guta, Marilou Gagnon, Eric Mykhalovskiy, Stephen L. Roberts, Su Goh, Alexander McClelland, and Fenwick McKelvey. “Corporate contact tracing as a pandemic response.” Critical Public Health (2020): 1-8. [PDF]

(Unpublished) Concluded works:

  • Urban connectivity and female labour force participation [PDF] (Fall 2020)

    A paper I wrote for Prof. David Wachsmuth’s URBP 553 Urban Governance course. In the course, we read feminist critiques of urban planning; specifically, the spatial and gendered division of suburban and urban realms of life. I used street network connectivity data and census data in Canada to evaluate the claim that disconnected cities disadvantage women economically.

  • A survey of the policy landscape on street connectivity [PDF] (Fall 2019)

    The final report I produced under Prof. Chris Barrington-Leigh’s supervision for the IHSP research internship. In this paper, I explore how Canada, the United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa and the Philippines have made plans for urban development. In particular, the spatial policies (in the form of plans and guidelines) that address street network connectivity are of interest to this survey.

Working on:


  • Google Image Search algorithm audit (Accepted at CSCW 2021!)
  • Contact Tracing Apps as Governance

Public engagement:


    I’m working on building summary pages on street-network sprawl trends and data for the world’s cities, regions and countries. Some of these pages were featured by my PI in The Conversation!

More writing can be found here.